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Customs Authorizations

DALSE is authorised, recognised and controlled by the customs authorities as type A customs warehouse.
All kinds of non-Community goods may be linked to it and stored under the conditions laid down for an unlimited period of time, until the operator assigned a new regimen within or outside the community customs territory.

Regulatory warehouse, tax and tariff benefits.

DALSE is authorised as Tax Depot for the storage, handling and sealing of all types of alcoholic beverages. Specifically those considered as such in the Article 2.1 of Law 38/92 II.EE.: Beer, wine and fermented beverages, intermediate products and alcoholic beverages

Tax advantage and financial savings.

It allows the storage of non community goods, by linking them through a CUB-G5, in order to assign a customs procedure under which it may remain for up to 90 days maximum.

No tariff payments, internal taxes or other trade policy measures.