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About us

Depósito Aduanero y Logístico Sur de Europa

We manage a multi-customer logistics platform, of approx. 12 000 m², within the Port of Algeciras, of which approx. 9 000 m² are sheltered, with the customs authorizations of Temporary Warehouse Depot, Public Customs Warehouse, Non-customs Warehouse and Tax Warehouse for Beverages, which allow us to manage an area free of tariffs, VAT and II.EE., providing an important added value to the operations.
All this allows us to act as a regulatory warehouse of goods with tariff and tax benefits.

Main operator of the Port of Algeciras

Since DALSE started its activity on July 1st 2015it has become the main dry cargo operator within the Port of Algeciras, contributing with an important value to the land operations, and providing important auxiliary services to all the port community, which help to increase traffic in this port.